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[Solved] how to install windows NT 3.1 on virtualbox
Summary: First and foremost - I am not a fool and I did went through google (coz some simply says "search google" lol), there is all those editing of inf file ...

Windows NT Server 4.0 Setup Failure
Summary: I am trying to set up a VM with Windows NT Server 4.0 in MS VPC 2007 SP1. All is well when the floppy disks are copying files to the disk, but when it...

Wireless on NT
Summary: I have an old point of sales server running windows NT that I would like to connect to a wireless printer. I installed a Netgear MA311 wireless card...

driver installed nt instead of xp
Summary: i recently downloaded a driver that said it was good for windows nt and xp but when i installed it it only installed for nt. how do i change this or p...

Networking Win7, MAC, & two NT4 with no NICs
Summary: I have 4 PCs (one running windows 7, one is a MAC, the other 2 are old, have no NICs - tried installing but they just won't budge - they are running N...

How to set up a terminal server?
Summary: As you can see, I am having problems getting a server setup for remote connections. I intended this to be where I can have my peers connect to my term...


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