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[Solved] Allcall W1 notification function?
Summary: Dear sir, I have a question about the smartwatch Allcall W1 So my question is: the intrdoducing video of this...

[Solved] How do I remove the Dell Backup and Recovery tray icon?
Summary: How do I remove the "Dell Backup and Recovery" tray icon? I'm using Windows 8.1 , I've tried everything I can think of to remove it and I'm not able t...

[Solved] CANNOT hide annoying system tray icon! Please help!
Summary: Hi there, I have a Dell XPS 8700 computer and it has a program called "Dell Backup and Recovery" which I *do* use once every two months, but a recent ...

Background color of Windows 7 taskbar
Summary: Somehow the background color of my taskbar, including the notification area, has become black. I've searched and poked around and can't find how to co...


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