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[Solved] Question on Game Compatibility
Summary: Hello. I recently acquired a Compaq Deskpro from a relative. It is from 2000, runs Windows XP Pro (it originally had Windows 2000 pro, but was upgrade...

A problem in resetting windows
Summary: Here is my situation. I recently got an old Compaq Deskpro from 2000 from a relative that was designed for Windows 2000. Upon starting it up, I realiz...

Windows 7 won't reboot, beeping sounds.
Summary: I was on youtube when my computer froze, so I restarted it. As it was rebooting (still black screen) it emitted a long beep sound over and over. So I...

[Solved] error from ifstream in c++ noob I am
Summary: why am i getting numbers like 6.15862e-039 when i try to read say 0.15 from a is my lines of code so far with the error everything else is ...

RegQueryValueEx problem
Summary: strange issue reading from reg, possibly a typecasting mistake? I dunno. [code] char AppDir[255]; char homedrive[255]; char homepath[255]; ...

Sharing across routers
Summary: DSL Modem to Netgear WRN1000 v.2 Netgear to D-Link DI-604 D-Link DSS-16+ ------------------------------------------------ I have a Netgear wireless ro...


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