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Is desktop.ini cause of search redirect?
Summary: I managed to get a virus on my computer that redirects my search engine results to ads pages. My anti-virus program keeps identifying a file as sever...

Desktop and taskbar missing
Summary: The desktop and taskbar have vanished from my computer (running XP). Upon startup, the windows explorer folder for Desktop appears, but behind it, the...

No Desktop icons, Taskbar, right-clicking..:P
Summary: I've seen many possible solutions, but none of them worked for me since I couldn't access Start button needed for System Recovery... So, after s...

Windows can't find explorer.exe
Summary: Hi, when I logged on my computer today, my desk top would not appear. Also what's weird is that when my computer was turning on, the usual windows sou...

windows not opening
Summary: When the computer loads up only the background picture shows. After control alt delete I can access the programs. When trying to repair with xp cd it ...


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