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Is there a Windows Bluetooth Keyb. Wedge NFC reader?
Summary: I time road races and have been experimenting with ways to Bluetooth -> Keyboard Wedge runner ID / Bib # into my JustBasic program. I have used Barcod...

NFC wedging via Bluetooth
Summary: I time road races and want a fast sure way to identify finishers. I have successfully used NFC 'tappy' cards but only by a very tricky to manage USB ...

[Solved] Web page reached by NFC tapping
Summary: Before installing apps like Trigger and Tasks, or NFC Tools, is it possible to open a particular web page (URL written in a tag) only by tapping the t...

[Solved] Standalone Wifi-Direct device to connect TV to Wifi router?
Summary: Hello, My TV supports a Wifi network connection, but it will only work by using the Wifi direct protocol. This means that right now i can only couple ...


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