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[Solved] Location of wireless switch on Advent Monza T100 laptop
Summary: On my advent moza t100 laptop, my wireless connectivity isn't working. I have had this laptop for a while now and this is the first time I've had a pr...

Connecting two network switch over fibre
Summary: OK I have two network switches. first switch is connected to the router and works fine,how can i connect the second the switch over fibre ...

Router Issues
Summary: when I signed up with my ISP they gave me a spa2102 VoIP linksys router. it only had one port and i really needed the wireless for my laptop so i went...

Limited Connectivity thru a Switch
Summary: I have run a Cat5 cable from an office on the 2nd floor to the basement, total length +- 100’. It is UTP Cat5 configured as a Patch and was NOT read...


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