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do foreign addresses on cdm command netstat are the harmful?
Summary: When I run cdm> netstat in the RUN command it gives a me a list of 2 dozen or more "foreign addresses", Are the harmful? Are the seeing what I am doin...

Add VAR to bach file
Summary: Hi, I have been looking around and getting stuck. I have a smile batch file to track how many open connections are on a webserver. echo %time% >>conn...

Strange netstat entry: spynettest - virus?
Summary: Hello, I am about to go into a panic if I do not find out what this is and why its happening. So I ran netstat -a -p tcp at the command prompt on my w...

i've got *.* in foreign address what is that
Summary: i've got *.* show up when i try to check my friend id from netstat, i try to send file and check with netstat but in i got just *.* in foreign address...

Need help with Win XP Pro Netstat command
Summary: hey buddy me with this i am running my internet though a LAN ... my ip adress is to start my internet i have to enter a user...


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