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net use delete - open file
Summary: Hi, i have a batch script like this: net use x: /delete If there are open files from the network drive x, the cmd console ask whether the connection s...

[Solved] need a bat file to rout a text documentdirectly to a printer
Summary: I can use net use to map a network printer to the lpt2 port as follows: net use lpt2 /delete net use lpt2 \\rssms2-vmprt01\psms2l00068850 /persistent:...

[Solved] net use * /delete with /y and /n?
Summary: i need to disconnect my shared folders but in the mean time if the user are still using the shared folder i do not want to disconnect them so i am thi...

net use works i cant access shared directory
Summary: I am running Win 7 and am trying to connect to server 2008. When I type net use I see the remote location Status Local Remote ...

batch to ping host if present proceed
Summary: I'm trying to create batch file to connect to a home network appliance storage (NAS). How do I make it to first ping if NAS is present to "net use...


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