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Is there a new copy of MS Photo Editor available somewhere?
Summary: Re this site is now under construction, and I expect (Murphy being Murphy) that the MS Photo Editor will be g...

Why can't I do a system restore on my windows
Summary: Something happened to my computer today. Everything is fuzzy and the whole thing looks different. I have tried system restore on 4 or 5 different da...

MS-DOS 6.0 Install Disks free download
Summary: I want to know where I can download the MS-DOS install disks for a PC without an operating system. Where can I download DOS 6? ...

MS DOS for compaq lte lite 4 25E
Summary: im really not the best at techno stuff but usually i can figure it out if i just play around with it. my great uncle died a few years back and he was ...

MS-DOS Do While Loop
Summary: here is a solution to produce a Do While Loop in DOS Batch: @REM initialize test value to be "true" @SET intCounter=1 :while @REM test condition @IF...


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