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[Solved] Unable to Record using Lync
Summary: Hello, I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise and MS Outlook 2010 and Lync 2010. My goal is to do session recording with audio when someone demo something on ...

Word documents combine in Taskbar - stopping it
Summary: If I opened several Word files, they would appear side by side in the WIndows 7 taskbar. But now only one tab appears - and I have go to the menu to...

[Solved] reading .ppt (.shs) files on Win 7
Summary: on older XP (running MS Office 2003), cut & pasted powerpoint slides to new blank PP template, and they worked great. old computer crashed, so copied...

How do I make MS Word 2010 not run on to a ne
Summary: That is the best way I can phrase the question in short. What I mean though is in Microsoft Word 2010 and probably other versions, when you are neari...


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