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[Solved] Best memory upgrade for Motion Computing LE 1700, Win7 32bit
Summary: What is the best memory for the LE 1700 that makes sense? I've looked on the forums, as well as TigerDirect, NewEgg and Motion Computing. Motion says ...

[Solved] Motion LE 1700 w/ Vista COA: should I install XP or Win7 ?
Summary: Bought a used LE 1700 w/ View Anywhere screen. Should I invest in Win7 or just install XP which I already have restore disks and COA? Will the core du...

why my pc plays internet videos in slow motion?
Summary: .my pc plays internet videos in slow motion , audio works fine through im playing video. videos saved in my pc are playing perfectly. only online vide...

Discuss: RIM and Blackberry
Summary: Hi all, This week's poll question is about Research in Motion's CEO declaring that the Blackberry maker is not in a "death spiral." Discuss here if yo...

Wireless mouse movement is inverted backward
Summary: Have a USB mouse. Today it started moving backwards. All the motions are inverted (up goes down, left goes right, etc). I've unplugged it, restarte...

Value of my computer
Summary: Can anyone give me a resale value of a Motion Touchscreen T004 in excellent condition. Battery lasts over an hour. Screen, body in EXCELLENT condition...


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