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while playing a game,game minimizes and shows desktop why?
Summary: hi. i have a gets me back to the desktop while playing icon appears on the task bar for probably 2 seconds and disappears..this is...

batch command to detect minimize
Summary: hi there is a program x in my computer which minimizes after i log into it.i want to start another program when this program x has been minimized.not ...

[Solved] minimize button reduces to a tiny window in xp
Summary: my minimize button reduces to a tiny size in xp . This after downloading jondo firefox. It is to hide ip address on the internet and such. Anyway I`ve...

Script Commands to Restore Minimized Apps
Summary: At work we have several applications and IE Windows open through a VPN Portal. One issue all of us experience is that if some of the apps are left unt...

Window won't appear when clicked on task bar.
Summary: I will have two or more windows open (such as Wordpad window and Explorer window), and if I'm on the Wordpad window and click on the Explorer window t...


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