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[Solved] Using 96% RAM with 3 tabs open
Summary: Using 96% ram with 3 tabs open and thats it [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG]http...

[Solved] High-end computer slows down without increasing temperature.
Summary: High-end computer slows down for no apparent reason after a couple hours. When I open Catalyst Control Center, the temperature shown is rarely over 70...

high memory usage on my computer
Summary: how do I reduce high memory usage ...

[Solved] Memory is very low and I' see things to remove but not sure
Summary: 1. What is the difference between "a work station" and "a Server" in the system property under memory usage ? 2. Do I want to keep Modzilla if I...

[Solved] Extremely high memory usage on Windows Vista
Summary: Ok so basically my computer is is chewing up memory. It has a constant physicaly memory usage of 2.5gb and completely constant. It does not fluctuate ...

Flash eats up too much memory.
Summary: Recently, I've been having some issues watching flash video on certain sites, such as GiantBomb, Viddler, and Video will stutter, lag, and ev...


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