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Mac Air will not play DV-R or open
Summary: Macbook Air, Unreadable Maxell DV-R disc I have a few different color DV-R discs in blue, green and yellow from Maxell dated 2008-09, that will not pl...

maxell memory stick works on other various manufacturers com
Summary: memory stick not detected on my pc ...

I need files from an old 2side maxell dvd
Summary: I no longer have a reader to access them. Does any one have any suggestions? I was told you can pull the actual dvd out of the holder but not sure wha...

maxell dvd-r won,t work after burnt
Summary: gold dvd-r maxell discs wont play in player it says can.t read disc ...

dvd+r won't load if blank
Summary: Hi, I just tried to burn a DVD+R (Maxell) for the first time on a LITEON JLMS XJ-HD166 HH firmware v.DD06 that shipped 7 years ago, and is now in Dell...


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