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I am fresher of marketing field
Summary: what is SEO ??? ...

I need to copy and rename in a .bat file from comp to comp
Summary: Ok guys i need help i tried google i tried other forums but i still cant get this fixed. What i want to do is find index.dat file in a folder if the ...

[Solved] Create a batch script to pull unique records
Summary: How can I create a batch script that will pull all unique records based on the marketing asset id field? Thanks Sample Data: campaignid|marketingasset...

[Solved] How to create a sample file that contains uniques values
Summary: I need to create a batch script that will look at a large data file and create a new sample file that has one of each possible marketing asset id. Sam...

Website Idea(s).
Summary: Alright, so I'm thinking of trying to maybe start a paid forum/and or website for tech support (virus removal, tune ups, drivers, etc), I was thinking...


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