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[Solved] Protection for older operating systems (Windows 95)
Summary: I have a windows 98 machine. It has no virus scan, no anti malware, and probably no firewall. And I don't know of any that supports such an old oper...

[Solved] SW distributed TS coordinator, is this a Virus or maleware?
Summary: SW distributed TS coordinator help I've tried to run HiJackThis to put a log file in here but it dose not have permission to write to the "Hosts" (fil...

[Solved] Can not open Anything but docs. No IE, all antivirus etc off
Summary: Every time I try to go online internet explorer I click and nothing happens. All anti virus' do the same thing. Anti Maleware same thing. I can go t... redirection from searches
Summary: Around Thanksgiving 2010, I started having an issue doing a search with any search engine, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. When I search on any su...

Windows XP destroyed after malware removal
Summary: Hi I have a real bad issue is there anyone out there fancy helping pls. I have been given 3 desktops since mine overheated - I have put all the best b...

Need help on a virus situation
Summary: Ok i'm having a huge problem with a virus located in c:/windows/system32/_voidloirvbxirs.dll and also c:/windows/system32/_voidpmcbhgovti.dll, well i ...


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