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Lubuntu -- Trying other programs
Summary: I'm already learning the lingo by spotting my mistakes! Of course, i should have said that I've got Lubuntu 10.10 on the pen drive, with persistence....

NTLDR file is missing error
Summary: I am trying to resolve an issue with an IBM Thinkpad R-31 laptop with Windows XP Home Edition. When it boots up it says, "NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl...

Networking between Linux and Windows XP
Summary: I'm wondering if there is a way to network a Windows XP computer to Lubuntu computer...using a passive hub and two Ethernet cables. (I would be looki...

How to get usb drive recognizedin Lubuntu
Summary: Hi: I have a computer with Lubuntu Linux 10.04 that when used doesn't recognize my usb drive most of the time. For some reason sometimes it does,.but...


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