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Reading/Searching a File Whilst it is Being Edited?
Summary: Hi I can't seem to find any information on what happens if you read/search a file using a Windows Batch File when the file still needs to be editable ...

Blank (empty) password makes laptop lock
Summary: hi, i am using my VAIO Laptop since 3 years with the boot and cmos password, and i try to remove password by changing password to blank (empty) space ...

Locked out of my Win 7 administrator account!
Summary: I locked myself out of my administrator account like an idiot. I went into group policy controls and told them if I was to enter the wrong password 5 ...

Hard Drive Wont Be Recognized Plz Help!!
Summary: Ok,so a while ago,i was on my laptop with my old hard drive,and somehow it went corrupt,it just shut off,and then began saying the hard disk was corru...

Blank Screen and Buzzing Noise
Summary: I have a 3 day old HP DV6t-Quad and every once in a while (generally while watching videos) the screen will suddenly go blank and a loud buzzing no...


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