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How to install an os to a hdd from a workstation
Summary: So what i want to do is be able to hot swap a hard drive to my pc in and use a program to install q4os to it without doing anything to my other hard d...

[Solved] I have XP on 3 home based PC's & require Linux setup advice
Summary: Windows XP to Linux seems to be the best option from where i'm sat - as i don't like the look of Win8 and I'm past giving Microcash any more of my har...

Could use some Linux distro recommendations
Summary: I could use some recommendations for a Linux distro for a Dell D400 laptop. I am looking for a distro that uses either LXDE or Xfce as a desktop and h...

Hard drive seen in bios as 40np
Summary: Have tried Ubuntu Linux software but CD is not booting even after instructing the machine to boot from the CD drive. Mind you the hard drive is only p...

dell printer isn't working with linux
Summary: installed the linux software and kapersky on computer and now my dell 305 wont communicate with the computer ...

Updating Firefox in Backtrack 3
Summary: I dual booted Backtrack 3 on my Windows XP machine. BT3 has an old version of Firefox and I am trying to update it. Can anyone help me? I have no clue...


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