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[Solved] Lag spikes after changing to new cooler.
Summary: I'm suffering from lag spikes after changing to new cooler. Lags occur after I play for atleast 5 min (games which requires performance) with period o...

Flash player 11.1 freezes games or crashes
Summary: Help with flash player 11 on Vista-I updated to FP 11.1 on Windows Vista (32-bit) and now my games freeze, lag or IE9 has to be recovered, over and ov...

Experiencing major lags in games on a fast pc
Summary: Please help me, experiencing a major problem here. my friend has the following pc specs : intel core i7 860 nvidia geforce gt220 - 2gb vram 4gb ram wi...

Widescreen Gaming
Summary: Assassin's Creed 2 have black bars on the top and bottom of my 22' LCD monitor,i can't play it on higher resolutions as the game may lag...i was wonde...

Router locks up when modem looses connection
Summary: I have a cable modem (SB5120 Surfboard) and during peak hours it will lose signal for a split second. When this happens my router (Belkin wireless N) ...

Online games lag after installing XP
Summary: Hey guyys, well i bought lenovo laptop g550 3months ago with win 7 32bit already in it and it worked fine but i got tired of it cause it hadsome bu...


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