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My Kindle Fire is stuck on the logo screen
Summary: I tried to install twrp.img using flashy. Since flashy flashed twrp my kindle fire has been stuck on the logo screen. My kindle has no sd card slot an...

[Solved] kindle fire internet access issues
Summary: I recently got a laptop and now I can't access the internet on my Kindle (wireless) No when I try to access the web on my Kindle /fire it asks for a p...

[Solved] Can't upload converted YouTube videos to Kindle Fire
Summary: I can no longer download videos after converting them to my Kindle Fire...I have the free version of Real Player and have downloaded many videos . T...

restore sims freeplay after it is deleted
Summary: My nephew deleted my Sim's free play while playing on my kindle fire is there a way to retrieve any or all of the game i was on level 26? ...

Kindle Fire won't connect to internet
Summary: I cannot connect my Kindle Fire to my Wi-fi router. It works when I'm out and about ie it connects to the internet but never when at home. I have also...


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