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How to imbed different data validation w/ conditional format
Summary: I am trying to create an "automated" excel inventory system out of an outdated manual entry inventory spreadsheet. This is for a low budget collegiate...

[Solved] Loop decreasing by 1 until 0 in excel
Summary: I am creating a spreadsheet that has 3 different products and I am trying to find a loop that will decrease by 1 until there is not any products left ...

Excel for inventory control
Summary: I have an inventory spreadsheet with about 15,000 rows. Each row represents a particular slot in the warehouse and it gives the count of that slot and...

Good inventory program / media Options
Summary: Peter Bruells Aug 19, 1:34 pm Hi... I've been using Pocketpedia (for iPhone) since I use DVDpedia and Bookpedia on the Mac, but I'm looking for a...

Inventory in Excel linked w/ customer invoice
Summary: I am trying to do inventory through Excel. We use Excel to do our customer invoices. We run into a problem with software that is set up to run inven...


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