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[Solved] How often is Windows 7 index files refreshed?
Summary: I have a bunch of .rtf files in which I keep various kinds of information. All are indexed for filename and content. My question is how often is the i...

how to index files in a directory using c++
Summary: basically i need to design a desktop crawler which will index all files(pdf, word, jpeg etc)in a drive and search them whenever asked so i need to kno...

Batch Help With Indexing jpg's within a folde
Summary: what's wrong with this code @echo off title Picture Indexer color 02 mode con: cols=50 Lines=10 if exist gallery.xml (del gallery.xml) Set /a z = 1 ...

c drive indexing
Summary: my computer (Hp Pav)with Vista is running real slow, I was told to undo the drive indexing for faster searching, it might help it a little bit. Befor...

Adding Custom Properties to JPG
Summary: Hi there, I have noticed a large number of properties in JPG images such as Title, Subject, Rating, Authors, Date taken, date acquired, Camera Maker, ...


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