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Partitioning Imation 16GB usb pen drive
Summary: how can i get new partition in my imation pendrive 16gb ...

imation flash drive format
Summary: i have 1gb pen drive.i can not format it. i always format with the imation flash driver but i lost that could now i will format the pendr...

Problem with Imation (Apollo 25 PHDD-320 GB)
Summary: When i connect my Imation HDD with model # Apollo 25-PHDD-320GB to my PC then the contents of HDD is not opening but it is showing an error"The reques...

why do new imation dvd-r discs show as 0 capa
Summary: Purchased admittedly inexpensive Imation 16x DVD-R discs in South Korea. The computer recognizes the discs but shows 0 bytes for both capacity and fr...


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