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Can Ethernet-only KVM switch be used to image via PXE?
Summary: Hello all, I work for a large annuities company, to which we typically image anywhere between 20-50 computers per week for deployments, swaps/breakfix...

[Solved] Win7 Image Missing Folders
Summary: I have some questions related to Driveimage XML Win7 partition images in regards the folders "Documents & Settings" (missing) and "Program Data" (par...

[Solved] Windows 7 cloning using Clonezilla on USB drive Question
Summary: If I boot to Clonezilla via USB flash drive, can I also save the image of my C: drive to the same USB flash drive I used to boot into Clonezilla? I'v...

Software for Creating Netbook Images
Summary: Hi All, We have currently purchased a lot of Netbooks for our Company and i was looking for a decent bit of Software that could create an Image of 1 N...


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