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iBooks purchases on iTunes
Summary: Lynn W Aug 26, 4:27 am Can you tell me if you are only able to purchase iBooks via the iPad? I have an email sent regularly by iTunes telling me a...

iBooks and .pdfs
Summary: Erilar Jul 4, 9:14 am Others probably already knew this, but for me it's new: I can import a travel brochure or a diagram in .pdf form from the int...

Updates: iTunes 9.2.1 & iBooks 1.1.1
Summary: Check to update iTunes to version 9.2.1 Disables older versions of some incompatible third-party plug-ins. Addresses minor issues with dragging and dr...

iPhone OS 4.0
Summary: This are some features requested by developers and users. Multitasking that Apple implemented in a way not to drain to much battery life. Also backgr...


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