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Why does my VBS script skip a function?
Summary: I have a VBS script in an HTA file that looks like this. Though, when I call the drive() function (from outside this code) it for some reason runs dri...

[Solved] Why do I keep getting Permission denied in VBS?
Summary: I have a VBS script in an HTA in which I use document.location to detect the current web adress of an IE window, but each time I run the code it outpu...

[Solved] HTA - Keep getting Object required
Summary: I keep getting the following error and I can't figure out what the issue is ... Line: 22 Error: Object required: 'Serial' <html> <head> <titl...

Can't display HTML calendar
Summary: Hi, please help me display the calendar. I am using HTA (similar to HTML). I just can't get the calendar to be "visible". Thank you. -----------------...


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