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[Solved] how to install windows NT 3.1 on virtualbox
Summary: First and foremost - I am not a fool and I did went through google (coz some simply says "search google" lol), there is all those editing of inf file ...

how do I change my display settings trouble?
Summary: (it wouldn't let me finish my question it's meant to be troubleshoot windows 7) HELP every time I try changing my display troubleshoot in advance, it ...

How Much is my Computer Worth?
Summary: Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate (build 7600) Install Language: English (United States) System Locale: English (United States) Processor 2.30 gigah...

Taking a snapshot/screenshot on a laptop
Summary: Well, I've got a Windows 7 laptop... but when I try to take a snapshot it won't. I dunno why. Can anyone help? ...

How do i remove this Graphics Chip?
Summary: Ok i have a IBM Think pad that i cant get to work at all and it has a better Graphics Chip then my dell for some reason, how do i disconnect this chip...

Look in txt file for string & appending to it
Summary: TL;DR: Before you read below, here is the simple version of what I'm trying to do... if you can give me some resources as to how I can create a script...


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