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Windows 7 High ram usage from nothing
Summary: Hi all, I have a 32 bit OS so the available ram maxed out at 3gb. A few days ago (seem like after a windows update) I began encountering instances whe...

Spy Sweeper's High CPU Usage (99%) - SOLVED
Summary: I've seen postings on the web relating to Spy Sweeper's high CPU usage. I had this problem and it began after I upgraded the program. I contacted We...

Sudden,Gigantic Ping.
Summary: Normally i've got my ping(i test this stuff with pingtest.net) around 27 ms. but very often my ping goes crazy. it jumps from around 500 ms to 1200 ms...

high ping
Summary: pretty much i got a new computer and every game i play the ping is 2 to 3 times higher than what it used to be on my old computer. the only way i can ...

High CPU temperature
Summary: Hi, my pc recently just shut down (as if in a power cut) 20min into a game. Rebooted and discovered CPU was overheated! This is first time in pcs life...

Win 7 High Physical Memory Usage
Summary: Windows 7 has been acting up like crazy for me lately and I was wondering if anyone had any incite on what I should do. I will post two screenshots be...


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