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forcing audio output to audio/headphone jack
Summary: this is my phone info - http://jaysarma987.xxxpart.com/file... http://jaysarma987.xxxpart.com/file... Intex Aqua R2 it is, rooted. Is there any app or...

Usb headphone for broken audio jack
Summary: Hi I have a HP G6 2298SE laptop. Suddenly its audio jack has stopped working. Its broken :( I am thinking about buying a usb headphone. If I buy a usb...

Both volume coming out of one side.
Summary: So I just gout BRAND NEW turtle beach PX21s and the volume of both side is coming out of my left speaker.... It doesn't do this with my tv that I have...

Why Right side speaker no sound comes?
Summary: I have Intex, 2 Speakers with Woofer.. Why in the Right side speaker no sound comes but it buzzes? It was working fine earlier. And When i connected i...


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