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[Solved] Windows 10 recycle bin desktop icon won't move to bottom row
Summary: I've got a small, but pretty annoying issue. A few days ago, my recycle bin was sitting on the right side of the second grid row to the bottom of the ...

Utility Setup disk for GRID 1755 need
Summary: Anyone have GRID 1755 laptop? I need some software for it - utility setup disk or copy of this software. ...

How to see the default grid excel 2010 after painting cells
Summary: I want to see the grid lines after I paint a block of cells. When I paint the block the default gridlines disappear. I do not want to recreate all the...

A picture in excel keeps moving when printing
Summary: Only on one computer in office, when there is a logo on a document, it appears right until print preview or print, then it moves and enlarges - everyo...

Computing possibilities in pascal
Summary: Hello, I need a help about computing the possibilites of black squares conditioned some rules. The rule is that around 1 square there must be maximum ...


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