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[Solved] Script for how to kill one of the two same processes
Summary: I find that every few hours i have two instances of sshd running in the same time. I am trying to run a script that will kill only one of them. So far...

[Solved] Ignore diacritics and accents in grep
Summary: Hello, I am using gnuwin32 tools in Windows. I need a solution to do a batch search that ignores diacritics and accents the input text file looks like...

Convert filename string into shell format
Summary: I am new to shell-scripting, and I have what should be a very simple problem to solve. Unfortunately, I have had no luck finding an answer. I have a f...

Grep and replace
Summary: a=`grep -i|cut -d "|" -f4` b=`expr $a + 1` filename=`grep -i` while read line do echo $line echo $filename if [ $lin...

substitute command for UNIX
Summary: For UNIX I need to read in a file and substitute postitions 1 -16 with a fixed value (One value) through out an entire file. What is a simple way to d...

compare content of 2 files
Summary: can someone help me, how to know different between two file, using awk, grep or perl example : content of file a: a b 1 c d content of file b 1 4 5 c ...


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