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functionality in excel in android data validation
Summary: HI I want to run excel drop down menus on my tablet without using google docs if possible (will not have internet coverage out in the field) - have tr...

Excel nested IF/AND using day/month/year
Summary: I am trying to save work on 4000+ rows of data using the IF(AND function. Having trouble getting it to work. (I am using Google Docs Spreadsheet, btw)...

in excel 2010 what is formula for automatic c
Summary: I would appreciate some help if possible please. I have developed a stock control spreadsheet and I would like to automatically highlight in red if on...

cannot open a new Internet Explorer window
Summary: Domain name: I have IE9, Windows 7 latest updates. Google Docs and Google Apps won't open in IE - any version. (just get...

can't access or search w/ google
Summary: Can't access or search w/ google or yahoo. Can't access Bing search engine works and can get to must other web sites. Need go...


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