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Batch commands from text file
Summary: hey guys, i've been playing around with batch files and i want to know if it's possible to load commands out of text files, for example: text file: ec...

[Solved] How to download file from DOS?
Summary: Hello forum, I wonder how to download a specific file from the internet to a specific place on my drive. So let's say How do I download that to C:\Us...

dos networking disconnecting from aconnection
Summary: Greetings there, I need to disconnect from a connection by dos to execute that order in a .cmd file explaining: 1- i have now an internet connection ....

Cant import, file not a registry script, Help
Summary: Before i was having the problem "Registry Editor is disabled by your administrator" and i had to download regtools.vbs (VBscript) to enable it to view...

Calling a .VBS class from a .Bat
Summary: Is it possible to call a class in a .vbs File from a .bat file ? I ie call <<CLASS>> from addstuff.vbs and execute on "this.txt" ...

Old Compaq wont boot from CD
Summary: I can't make my old PC boot from CD drive (Compaq Presario 772 CDS),in BIOS there aren't any useful options like "First Boot Device",they are separate...


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