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[Solved] FORTRAN error, invalid in context
Summary: Hi, I'm completely new to FORTRAN, and I've come along something I just can't figure out (log): main.f: In program `main': main.f:14: DO 17 ...

how can i program fortrn in windows
Summary: Thanks to all, I know only fortran 77 language and I would like to do the programing in window 7, if possible some one can help and give the steps to...

Add batch file to context menu?
Summary: Hi there, basically I've created a compiler batch file for my Fortran 95 scripting and would like a "Compile" option to appear on any ".f95" file that...

No such file or directory error
Summary: Hi! I am trying to write a fortran program for a history match of some petroleum data. I have a comma delimited file named 4.txt that I would like to...


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