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Pieces print but not whole page
Summary: This is a strange one. Using IE 7,8 and 9, the page looks fine in the browser window, but when trying to print; we get the header, the top 2 lines of ...

Issues with PHP Form
Summary: Here is my current php script for my form. How do I redirect it to my page thankyou.html instead of just saying "Thank you" where the website visito...

[Solved] Can someone help me with PHP echo'ing
Summary: So I am trying to perfect a script and the best example I could think of to use for this is the Bible, so I took Genesis Chapter 8 and basically, what...

Moving Out of Date Data to another field
Summary: Hi, I am currently doing a database referencing all the resources in a Computer services company. Among other data, I have entered the actual affectat...

Add extra form field
Summary: I have a form, say this: Title: [text field] Parameters: [dropdown box] Simples so far. What I want is to have this: Title: [text field] Parameters: [...


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