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I lost the password of Hide Folder 2009.
Summary: what shoul I do to reset the password and use the software again? help me please ...

What was the name of this game called?
Summary: It was an late 90's or early 2000 PC game. You could play 2 player and you went around a map trying to shoot each other. There were guns you could pi...

Cant find the name of this console game
Summary: Okay, I rented this when I was maybe 7, and didn't get much past the first scene. You got ambushed by some kind of group of archers, then they throw y...

Locked out of Sandisk 4GB cruzer drive
Summary: I'm locked out of my sandisk 4gb cruzer, by failing 3 password permanently inaccessible.. (HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT!!!)anybody out there ...


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