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[Solved] Converting .img file to floppy
Summary: OK you all solved my initial problem, now I have disk images of some dos disks. they are in the "Disk1.img" format. Now I am looking for a program tha...

[Solved] File conversion Works database to Excel
Summary: I have a file I need to open that is a .wdb file. I do not have Works on my computer. I would like to make this a Excel file so I can open it becaus...

[Solved] How to view PRN files (Print files) - Answer
Summary: Hi, If like me you've spent the whole morning trying to figure out how to convert your .prn files to another format that is easily viewable and unlike...

NBZ files how to open
Summary: How to open NBZ files. I just backed up my hard drive to a WD external drive and the files in the backup have an NBZ extension. I can't open them. Ple...

Convert old MS Word and Displaywrite files
Summary: I was good. I saved documents starting in the late 80's on various floppy disks. Used Displaywrite, MS Word, Lotus 123 and more, on the then current ...


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