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[Solved] 3.5 drive does not recognize (FAT) formatted disk text file
Summary: Read 3.5" floppy txt files (FAT) on Windows 7 NTFS ...

My 2GB USB working OKsuddenly shows empty FAT ? pls Help
Summary: There were JPG photos, PPT files and WORD Files in my 2GB USB; while viewing some photos, I tried to change the viewing format for some which were app...

How do i access File Allocation Table (FAT)?
Summary: i'm looking for a file i deleted and have tried every freeware out there to recover it. i do not think that it has been completely erased from my hard...

NTFS, FAT or FAT32 which is better for XP
Summary: NTFS, FAT or FAT32? which one is better to install an XP Operating System??? ...

Corrupt FAT?
Summary: Windows Explorer shows Windows folder is 120GB. I added up all the folders in Excel and they are only about 5 GB. Have defraged, emptied Trash, and di...


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