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[Solved] I want to upgrade a 2-year-old computer for video & games
Summary: Hello, Please help, I am looking for ways to upgrade my computer and make it edit video faster and run games with better graphics. I woul do more vide...

[Solved] I would like to play games on my oldish PC, runtime issue.
Summary: I want to optimize my PC to play games. I have Fable 1 and the farthest the game will load is the opening scenes, I'm not even able to access the game...

Does a graphics card make video games faster?
Summary: One of my big problems is my computer games, I love my computer games. My brand new computer still has trouble with graphics and whatnot and tends to ...

Dedicated Windows 7 Media Center Computer?
Summary: Hey, I have a relatively simple media server in my home, basically all it does is runs and provides homegroup access to two folder's located under Vid...

Best Configuration with MoBo MS 7507..?
Summary: my office pc has a MoBo MS7507 with Intel Pentium PD925 processor and 512mb RAM. i want to upgrade the disgusting configuration and need help on the b...


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