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Is 'Norton Security Scan' malware?
Summary: A shortcut appeared on my desktop yesterday and a window opened saying that Norton Security Scan had scanned my computer and that it was at risk. I ha...

how to recover missing system restore points
Summary: I am running Windows XP on a home computer. Currently, I experienced an annoying spyware attack by something called "Malwareurlblock". I used various...

How can I remove skolewcho virus?
Summary: There's absolutly nothing I can do. My Norton security keeps saying that it blocked an intrusion attempt from this website, but it finds nothing when ...

Fake Antivirus - How To *PREVENT* Infection??
Summary: Folks, Please pardon the length of this post, but it is something that is causing a significant issue for many of my friends and acquaintances, and w...

Virus so bad I can't really run anything
Summary: I can't do anything, I can't cntrl alt delete, I can't run command prompt, and I cannot run msconfig or really any .exe file with this virus (or malwa...


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