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[Solved] explorer crashes when attachment added
Summary: gmail attachment causes explorer crash "explorer has stopped working" message before attachment is attached. Fails with any file .doc .jpd .xls eve...

[Solved] I have the virus win32/small.ca on my PC
Summary: hi my name is pedram & iam in a big trouble with my system,when running program's they just stop responding at the beginning,sometimes they just work ...

Browser crashing,PC Auto Restart,Media player crashing
Summary: I have hp pentium 4 with intel 3.4GH processor,motherboard 945. pc runs smoothly with 512Mb ram Single. but starts crashing like pc restart, browser c...

Cannot run .exe file - tried most solutions
Summary: Hi guys, As you read, I cannot run a particular program that I could run 2 days ago. I've tried all the solutions the web had to offer so far. I've re...

Hey guys, CD-ROM troubles.
Summary: My fiance's CD-ROM will not open on her Vista machine. There is not a disk in it, however the green light is constantly on. When I press the eject b...


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