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SATA drive works in DVR but does not when in enclosure
Summary: My problem is I have an external hard drive enclosure with a 250GB SATA drive installed, the unit has a ESATA port where I connect it to a DVR with a ...

Dell M6500 + eSATA drive = doesnt work, holdi
Summary: Hello! I have DELL M6500. Since 2 days I'm trying to install Windows 7 on the eSATA drive with this computer. Please, don't ask why oon external. It's...

Help needed in understanding eSATA
Summary: I'm looking at building a computer at the moment and the case I've picked out has an eSATA port on it. I'm just wondering what requirements my motherb...

WIN 7 X64 sees USB but NOT SATA external HDD
Summary: I am running win 7, 64bit I have an external case with usb & sata connectors that has a wd terabyte hdd in it. I can always access it via usb. Howev...

eSata ports not seeing HD enclosure with 2HDs
Summary: Dilemma: I just bought a new Dell Zino HD 400 because it had multiple eSata ports in back. My intention was to use a Rosewill RSV-S4-X RAID sub-syste...


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