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erecovery downloaded but now all my screen says is starting
Summary: it was in the process of totally restoring back to original exactly like when i brought it home this is an acer netbook 2012. when it finished that it...

recover Acer 1640 after substituing Hard Disk
Summary: I've got an Acer aspire 1640 and when it was just bought I've saved a Recovery DVD using Erecovery manager. Some years ago my hard disk died and I've ...

Acer eRecovery: How do I know it's working?
Summary: I am running Acer eRecovery on my Aspire 5210TZ. I have the Acer eRecovery Management screen up, and I can hear the computer, well, computing, but the...

how to import.dbx files to Outlook express
Summary: I formatted my hard drive. Outlook Express files were saved as .dbx files. How do I import them back into my Outlook Express 6. Files were saved by N...


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