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[Solved] Is it possible to restore epub and mobi files
Summary: IIs it possible to recover epub files from a pc? The data recovery programs I have tried do not seem to detect them. An external hard drive got partit...

How can I convert PDF files to Epub for iPad
Summary: Hi all, I would like to know, is there any way I can convert PDF files (over 30MB, so "ePub2Go" is out) to ePub file so I can drop it off in iTunes an...

How to convert pdf to epub on Mac, any advice
Summary: I want to convert pdf to epub book for reading on my sony reader, or iPhone, could someone recommend me a good software. It would be better, if the so...

iBook bookmarks notes access from the outside
Summary: Peter Bruells Hi... I've been building some epubs of my own, but they are sometimes buggy. Since I can't edit on the iPad or iPhone, I just mark the ...


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