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Cannot open Edge from toolbar - always goes to Explorer
Summary: Anyone know how I can stop Explorer from opening when I use the search box in Win10 toolbar? It has suddenly decided not to use Edge, I have changed t...

Problems Centering screen on laptop, no MSE
Summary: i tried left clicking on me lap top and tried to drag screen when the arrow was lined up with the edge I wanted to move, but nothing happens!! I can ...

My google screen has moved to the right so I can't access th
Summary: For some reason my google screen has moved to the right meaning I can't access the buttons on the right. On the left is a gap of maybe2" between edge...

[Solved] No W7 option to safely remove SanDisk Cruzer Edge USB drive?
Summary: On inserting my ScanDisk Cruzer Edge into any Windows 7 PC, it displays in the "Computer" window as a Hard Disk Drive and not as a Device with Removab...

connect multiple gprs modem in 1 PC
Summary: There is possible to connect two gprs/edge modem and run it in single PC at the same time to the increase speed of connection. Please solve this probl...


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