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[Solved] Batch script to move files into folders?
Summary: Hi, I need a batch script to move ebook files into the correct Author folders. The ebook files are all named in the format: "Authors Name - Book Title...

[Solved] can somebody give a ebook or pdf link for 2008 to study
Summary: can somebody suggest me a ebook or pdf link for windows 2008 server to download which will helpful for study and if i can have some tips and tricks al...

I truly desire to become a good programmer
Summary: Hi Guys, To give you a background, I've taken a 4-year computer course (B.S. Information Technology) which had a few subjects on Programming. S...

How do I convert DAT files back to the JPEG
Summary: This was the original way I had the pictures in before I decided to rename them to "english" titles? ...

Windows Folder increases in size daily it shows 45 GB
Summary: Windows Folder shows 45 Gb using properties. It increases by about 2 GB a week. Total hard drive is 80 GB (Basic reads 67.78 GB Recovery in partiti...


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