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Discuss: 2014 E3 Show
Summary: Hi all, This week's poll question is about the E3 show happening this week. Discuss here if you've been following this year's E3, and, if you like, th...

[Solved] Using IF, AND, OR statements
Summary: I have created a statement that functions, but shows only true or false if it meets the requirements, and for the other statement it show what is desi...

[Solved] excel match function does not return match when input typed
Summary: using a match function to pull assigned values related to a name in col A. If i copy and paste the name ffrom column A it works properly. If I type th...

notepad written in code instead of english
Summary: When I hit the help, it comes up in notepad. Instead of normal english it looks like some kind of code. Is there a way to change that ...

II am trying to use an if statement
Summary: I am trying to calculate a column to read if column E3 is greater than 0 I want to times this value in column E4 by .03 percent to come up with a tot...

[Solved] Formulating Time to calculate rates
Summary: I'm trying to identify costs based on the hours of a delay/event. I need to take to total amount of time (in hours and minutes) and multiply by a giv...


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