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dvd-rom not detected on PC
Summary: dvd-rom player not detected on my pc. it will not open when i push the switch. it is not listed when you open the Computer listing,it only shows my dv...

DVD_ROM will not read some discs
Summary: Hi there, I have a single DVD-ROM in my 32 bit Windows 7 PC. I usually watch a few fims/shows on my PC and have just got Family Guy series 11 on DVD....

[Solved] How to use DVD-RW disc in a DVD-ROM drive
Summary: I know there has to be a way to go about this. I have older computer that runs on XP and I want to reformat completely. I have a disc with Windows XP ...

lg dvd-rom problem
Summary: my lg dvd-rom has stopped reading dvd's contents.how to solve this problem? ...

Cannot find my CD DRIVE!
Summary: Using WINDOWS VISTA have a football manager 2008 game, inserted it into the CPU. can hear sounds coming from the disc area... but somehow the computer...

DVD playback results in high cpu usage!
Summary: Hello, I had my computers hardware updated my updated specs are as follows: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz RAM: 1.933 DDR3 64-bit OS ......


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