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[Solved] pavillion dv6000 does not start up, gives message:disk reado
Summary: pavillion dv6000 does not start up, error message says: disk read error occurred. BIOS hard disk test gives #1 07 fail ...

[Solved] Dell 15R (N5110) vs. HP Pavilion DV6
Summary: Hi I want advice on which is better The Dell 15R (N5110) or the HP Pavilion DV6-6120? DELL 15R SPECS: Core i7 2nd Gen 2.0Ghz (2.9 with turbo boost) 6G...

How to + sound drive to HPdv6000?
Summary: The sound has just gone away in my hp and i tried to get it to fix it self and now my sound drive is gone and i cant fix it. Control Panel does't have...

DV6000 wont powe on after removing dvd drive,
Summary: hey guys, i was looking at a friends dv6000 and i removed the DVD drive, i tried to turn it on without it and could not so i thought it is probably be...


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